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CF360 Partners With NutriKate

CF360 Partners With NutriKate

CF360 Partners With NutriKate

CF360 is proud to announce our partnership with Kate McDaid. Kate is a health and performance nutritionist and founder of NutriKate. Kate works to consistently grow her extensive portfolio working with an array of individuals, teams and corporate entities varying between those looking to lose weight, improve health and better their performances both on and off the playing field.

Kate’s background

Kate McDaid - NutriKate

Having studied Food Science in University College Dublin, Kate followed her ambition which lead her to the UK where she would graduate with a masters in Sports and Exercise Nutrition from Loughborough University. Upon graduating she secured a role with the UK’s leading nutrition consultancy Mac-Nutrition, advancing to senior health and performance nutritionist where she had the pleasure of building an extensive portfolio. She gained experience working effectively with professional sports teams, elite sporting scholars, corporate clients, charity organisations, weight-loss and health seeking individuals. She also gained experience in lecturing and mentoring on what is fast becoming the leading online nutrition course.

Coming from a competitive sporting background, the importance of nutrition was apparent to Kate, however, working alongside a nutritionist at the age of 15 is where her true passion for nutrition blossomed. This experience focused on promoting health and wellness, an area outside of sport that Kate realised she had a keen interest in. As time went on, life continued to bring its own experiences which has seen Kate spend time as a fashion model, moving towards bikini competing and fitness modelling all of which widened her nutritional knowledge and thinking, fuelling her hunger to uncover more.

NutriKate logoWhat is NutriKate?

Kate founded NutriKate to deliver bespoke, evidence-based nutrition support for those who need it. All nutrition advice provided works to fit in with lifestyles meaning that no two plans or services are the same. We are all different and for that reason our nutrition framework should reflect that too. Her philosophy is simple yet effective; that the correct nutrition practices should be easy, attainable and affordable. Combining cutting edge research alongside experience means that bespoke nutrition frameworks are created so that clients succeed. Kate strives to cut through the nonsense and deliver advice and content that holds truth, practicality and relevance.


Why have NutriKate and CF360 joined forces?

Health is a multifaceted entity, nutrition being a significant part of the puzzle. Combining the expertise of the CF360 trainers and physiotherapists, Kate will lend her insight and experience to compliment and accelerate the results and outcomes you hope to achieve from your chosen retreat. Acquire a well-rounded take on health and well-being, learning how to fall in love with food and nutrition that supports your lifestyle and health so that you get the most from your career, life and training. Work with Kate to uncover the best approach for you, cutting through the disempowering nonsense we are regularly bombarded with.

The CF360 and NutriKate team bring you a retreat that is rounded, empowering and life-changing. Once and for all, experience and get a handle on what it means to lead a healthful lifestyle. One that you can incorporate into your world back at home and reap the rewards of for years to come.

Luxury Granada Fitness Retreat

Retreat Details

Name: Granada Fitness & Nutrition Retreat
Location: Silverfield Villa
Date: 16th-21st September 2018
Prices From £1295pp

Early Bird Special

The early bird catches the worm! Book your place on our fitness & nutrition retreat before the end of May and qualify for an extra £150 discount on the listed prices below!

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