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Passionate About Our Planet As Well As Our Fitness


Our Commitment

Here at CF360 we're passionate about our planet as well as our fitness and have committed to Responsible Tourism. It's not just your health and well-being that drives us but also the well-being of the communities, flora and fauna in our destinations. Please read the statement below and help wherever you can.


Our Commitment

We think about water and power usage at all times and the waste we are producing. E.G. Mikes Gym uses Solar panels to provide green energy and the units are very well insulated so that energy consumption can be kept to a minimum.

All waste is divided and what can be recycled, is recycled.

All guests are informed and encouraged to be environmentally aware both inside and outside of their complex, inside by conserving power and water and outside by understanding why it is so important to stay on the designated tracks when hiking or mountain biking.


We serve typical local dishes, with virtually all ingredients being sourced at the local market. This not only minimises packaging & reduces carbon emissions, but supports local growers too. This “from the ground to the table” also ensures our meals contain optimum nutrients for all of our guests.

We only employ locals as our chefs, guides and drivers and not just because this offers employment to local people, but because they are able to offer a wealth of information that a guidebook could not.

We also advertise and support many other local companies in the area, including water sports companies, ski hire companies and adventure sports companies. It is important to us that all the local companies thrive and if we can all work together we can provide a good local economy.

In summary, we aim to run CF360 with responsible tourism at the heart of our organisation.